Digital Tools for Days!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time compiling this list of digital resources for both teachers and students. Some of these are ones I’ve personally used, while others have been shared with me through various courses during my master’s program. The first 6 sections have websites/apps that can mostly be used by any content area. The last 3 sections are more specific to ELA teachers. There are several tools that do the same thing here, but what’s most important is to just find the one that you like and fits your content/standards best.
I made a Google Doc with all of these links, so feel free to add to it if you know of a website or app that others could benefit from. Click here to access the Google Doc.

1. Digital tools for CREATING things

2. Vocabulary + Reading Analysis/Annotations

  • Wordle
  • WordSift (great one for all content areas)
  • WebNotes (allows you to highlight/make notes using a browser extension)
  • Diigo (allows you to highlight/make notes using a browser extension + there’s an iPad/mobile app)
  • Ponder (Allows you to make class lists and assign texts; have students annotate with various pre-written tags that they can add comments to)

3. Writing + Research + Organizing Information

4. Collaboration, Blogs, and Wiki platforms that are safe for students

5. Informational texts

6. Teacher tools

  • Nearpod (guide students through a lesson, embed questions into slides, give students ability to self-pace, and more!)
  • rubistar (create rubrics)
  • Jing (record what you’re doing on your computer’s desktop)
  • Screencat-O-Matic (record what you’re doing on your computer’s desktop)
  • three ring  (capture, store, and access artifacts from your class — like making your own portfolio)
  • feedly (consolidate all of your RSS feeds, blogs, favorite websites into one place)
  • newsblur (personal news reader)
  • iEarn (With the project selected teachers and students enter online forum spaces to meet one another and get involved in ongoing projects with classrooms around the world who are working on the same project)
  • Two Writing Teachers (blog for writing teachers)

7.  Good for struggling/below grade level readers

9. Ebooks

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