Not Your Mama’s Syllabus

I'm a big proponent of the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Why? Reinventing the wheel is silly! There are so many thoughtful resources available for almost any unit or lesson you're planning on TPT. There are some REALLY creative teachers out there! Every time I log on, I am blown away by the engaging lessons that... Continue Reading →

3 ELA Favorites in Google Classroom

There's a lot of digital tools available to teachers, and as a teacher who isn't too far removed from college, I'd have to say that Google Classroom (and the entire Apps for Education suite, really) has been life changing for me. I spent my entire college career, like most people who have been at a... Continue Reading →

Digital Tools for Days!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time compiling this list of digital resources for both teachers and students. Some of these are ones I’ve personally used, while others have been shared with me through various courses during my master’s program. The first 6 sections have websites/apps that can mostly be used by any content area. The last... Continue Reading →

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