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Hi there! I’m Jen London.

I teach 8th grade English and advise our student media at Scribner Middle School in New Albany, IN (right across the river from Louisville, KY).

I graduated from Floyd Central High School in 2007, and I went to Ball State University where I originally majored in journalism graphics. I have a passion for journalism and graphic design, but after a few years, I realized that I really missed the academic environment and amazing discussions in an English classroom. So, I switched to teaching!

In the Fall semester of 2011 (my senior year), I completed my semester of student teaching abroad in Baumholder, Germany! I taught the children of our troops who were stationed overseas. My husband was in the Army, so the Army life was nothing new to me. Traveling Europe and experiencing so many new adventures was new to me, though. However, I will say it was the most amazing 4 months of my life, and I grew so much as a person, traveler, and world citizen from it.

After finishing my last semester in Germany, I graduated in December of 2011 from Ball State with a degree in English education with a license in journalism, too. In July 2015, I completed my Master’s in Curriculum & Technology from Ball State.

I briefly taught at Jeffersonville High School before coming to Scribner in the spring of 2012. I’ve been teaching 8th grade English ever since, and I couldn’t be happier!

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  1. Hi Jen! I found your classroom website and blog from Pinterest (of course… where do all 21st century teachers find inspiration?) and I’m completely in love with your syllabus designs. I also like that you have a class t-shirt. What a fun idea! Then imagine my surprise when I realized that you teach in New Albany! I teach in Harrison County, at North Harrison High School. Small world. Anyway, just wanted to say I love your designs and your blog and I wondered where your parents picked up that Gollum action figure because I’m crazy about it. 🙂

  2. Love your blog and materials. Headed to TpayT next!
    Would you share what application (software) you are using to create your syllabi, handouts, etc? I teach at-risk and special needs HS students. There are not many resources for this population so I have to make my own. Yours are so much more than a Word Document. Please consider sharing your magic.

    1. Hi Trish!

      I typically use Adobe InDesign for my design work, although some of the newer things I’ve posted on TPT have been created with Google Drawings. InDesign is much more flexible and has many more capabilities than Drawings, but Drawings is free and more accessible to non-design people. You can get a trial of InDesign (or a similar web-based program called LucidPress) for free.

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