Advice for a First-Year Teacher

I had a super sweet first-year teacher send me an email asking for advice on her upcoming year. I was flattered, to say the least, that someone thought of me as having some sage wisdom to impart about my adventures in teaching. After all, I'm sure anyone teaching for 5+ years can still remember their... Continue Reading →

Classroom Mini-Tour + Goals

I've been a busy bee these last few days trying to get my classroom in order. There's still a few weeks before we head back to school for our first teacher work days (we start July 27! YIKES!), but I'm going to be on vacation the week before school starts. So, I've got a lot... Continue Reading →

Being a Lifelong Learner is Hard

The master's degree. Every teacher knows he/she will probably have to get it, but after 16+ years of being a student (and spending every day in the classroom as it is), making the choice to go back to school can be overwhelming. Picking the right program of study is important, and you can't forget about all... Continue Reading →

5 Years… Say What?

It's hard to believe that I'm already approaching my fifth year of teaching! This past year was a roller coaster in several ways. Last July I herniated the L4-L5 disc in my back, and that injury set me into a spiral of physical agony for the next three months until I finally gave in and saw my doctor. One back... Continue Reading →

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