New Product! Syllabus Template #9

My creative juices were flowing this weekend, and I'm really excited to share my newest syllabus template just in time for the new school year! This fully customizable Google Drawings document will allow you to make it your own. Add your own text, change fonts and colors, and move elements to suit your syllabus needs.... Continue Reading →

Back-to-School Writing

We've all been there. As students and teachers. "Tell me about your summer!" Stares. A few random hands. About 12 stories involving Panama City Beach. Sure, it's fun to hear about your students' summers (you definitely learn a lot about them based on the answers, for sure). But the topic can also be a bit... Continue Reading →

Not Your Mama’s Syllabus

I'm a big proponent of the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Why? Reinventing the wheel is silly! There are so many thoughtful resources available for almost any unit or lesson you're planning on TPT. There are some REALLY creative teachers out there! Every time I log on, I am blown away by the engaging lessons that... Continue Reading →

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