A Planner that Actually Works


Before I dedicated my life, soul, and wallet to teaching, I wanted nothing more than to be a graphic designer. (I think) I’m pretty good at it, and despite the fact that I changed my career path, I’ve finally figured out a way to make those skills useful in the realm of teaching.

PLANNERS. We all have them (or, at the very least, we all have good intentions of using them beyond the first week of school). However, I know from my own experience that the ones we’re provided by our school don’t really fit my personal planning needs. You’ve got a plan book, and then a gradebook, and then a million other loose pages where you record important things you need to reference often.

Finally, I thought to myself, Why don’t you just design your own that actually does all the stuff you need it to do?! So I did. Last year was my first attempt at doing it, and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. As with anything, though, I realized there were tweaks to be made as the year went on. Each teacher ordering has wanted slightly different tweaks to the layout (for lesson plans, extra pages for clubs/organizations, etc.), but the main thing that’s changed for the better this time around is that I can have the covers laminated with a durable 10 mil. protector, meaning it will hold up much better after getting shoved in/out of your work bag every day. Some of the things that I’m able to customize are as follows:

  • cover (pick from 25 designs) and fonts/colors
  • lesson plan pages (can provide space for 1-4 courses)
  • meeting notes pages (can be added weekly or monthly)
  • book checkout section (great for ELA teachers or anyone who checks out a textbook and constantly loses the paper where kids wrote their names down… *guilty*)
  • data recording section (as many pages as you need! — can be used for tests or add many pages for your gradebook)
  • additional material (curriculum maps, state standards, etc.)

If you’d like to see more pictures or have further questions, click the link below to be taken to my official website. Feel free to shoot me a message using the contact form on the website if you have questions before ordering or want something totally unique/custom.

order online

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